Why Forex Trading Software such as FAP Turbo Can Help You

October 9, 2011 · Posted in FAP Turbo 

Although Forex Trading is becoming increasingly popular online as a way of making money, it is always risky and can require your full attention to fully take advantage of any changes in the market. Since this increase in popularity, there has been an influx of Forex Trading Software and one competitor has risen to the top of the pile in Fap Turbo (FT). It’s one of the most unique programs released specifically for Forex Trading and has several features that make it unique and therefore the best option if you are looking to get into the field of trading foreign currency online.

Firstly, FT has a unique strategy implemented that allows it to utilise “short-term scalping”, that is it has a high trading frequency and can make more trade deals over a shorter period than any other Forex robot. When this is combined with a tight stop loss, your account balance can be increased at a much quicker rate over a shorter amount of time. This is the main factor behind many users seeing their account multiplied in as short as two to three weeks and although it is dependent on favourable trends in the market, it is still one of the most effective ways of Forex trading and FT can do the whole thing for you. Furthermore, the program can use these scalping methods with multiple different currencies at the same time, monitoring at least five at a time to get a bigger range and therefore increase the possibility of a larger profit for you as a user.

Other interesting features of the FT program are the failsafe programs that are included within the package. It contains built in filters that take small fixed losses compared to most systems that take advantage of huge stop losses with 300-500 pips. It is more important to have a stop loss that aligns with the risk/reward ratio and deals out a higher winning rate rather than having huge losses that will burn out your profits quickly and therefore wipe out your Forex account. Additionally the FT program also contains a “stealth mode” that can help hide it from brokers who like to hunt accounts using programs and shut them down. They usually spot the software because a bot will trade in a set pattern that experienced users will notice, FT on the other hand hides several numerical values such as profit and stop loss from brokers and therefore decreases the chance of it being spotted and wiped out.

Generally, FT is the goto Forex Robot when you want to begin automated trading and for good reason, the extra features it contains not only make your trading safer and more effective but also protects itself from human brokers.


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